What is ABA Karate?

ABA and Autism

ABA Karate is a unique modified format of learning Karate using Applied Behavior Analysis Technology. We uses varieties of affective teaching techniques.  

Teaching an individual with mechanism of errorless learning and systematic error correction approach will facilitate learning Karate to be FUN!  

Using ABA format of prompt fading and shaping will support each individual to learn new skills.  

Positive reinforcement system will encourage him/her to have a milestone to achieve.  Repetitive practice format such as Discrete Trial Training – DTT format will enhance one’s learning more successful to acquire new skills.  

While working on individual goals and weaknesses, being in a group setting will allow them to gradually target generalization skills such as waiting skills, observation learning skills, and helping others skills.

Autism and Karate for Individuals with Special needs – ABA Karate

ABA karate offers a fun learning environment while increasing one’s motivational value about learning Karate in a positive environment with positive support plans.  ABA Karate’s goal is not only for students to acquire Karate skills, but it also will increase their “quality of life” through Karate activities.

Do Jo Kun:

– Seek Perfection of Character

– Be Faithful

– Endeavor

– Respect Others

– Refrain from Violent Behavior

Gichin Funakoshi (1868 – 1957) – Founder of Shotokan Karate

Fun and successful learning for an individual with special needs!


Karate for Autism - Fun Karate for Everyone
Karate for Autism – Fun Karate for Everyone